One thing that can help you find out more about this lifestyle is learning some eating dos and don’ts.

This will make all the difference in your ability to turn this into your lifestyle. Because here’s the thing; if you’re following a lifestyle, you cannot put your toe in another lifestyle every day and expect to see results. Therefore, if you really want to follow this way of life, study this list.

  • Don’t Eat High Protein – The ketogenic way of eating is not meant to be high protein. It’s a high-fat diet but low in carbs and moderate in protein. You want to eat at least 60 percent of your calories in fat (can go up to 75 percent), only 15 to 30% from protein, and the rest up to 10 percent as carbs.
  • Do Choose the Right Type of Meat – The meat you choose should be as natural as possible. Don’t buy meat that has been doctored with sugar and additives to make it taste better. You want to find organic, grass-fed, free-range, and so forth. However, just do the best you can and don’t stress too much.
  • Do Eat Fruit Fats – The main fats that you want to eat should be natural. They should mostly come from fruit like olive oil and coconut oil. You can also use animal fats and ghee, but most of your fat should come from fruit.
  • Do Eat When Hungry – You don’t need to restrict your food intake when you’re eating keto. You can eat when you’re hungry if it meets the rules of the ratio you’re trying to stick to.
  • Don’t Drink Milk – While you can have some dairy, living the ketogenic way you want to avoid drinking milk as a beverage. If you use any, a splash in your coffee is all you should use. One glass of milk can have quite a lot of carbs. Read your labels.
  • Don’t Eat Sugar – This is the hardest part to get used to, but you will, and you’ll be glad you did. But you cannot eat sugar, and you should try to avoid adding any type of sweetener to any of your food for a few weeks. Later you can use some sweeteners if you must, such as stevia.
  • Do Drink Your Bone Broth – One thing that some people overlook is the bone broth. Drinking it is your key to sticking to this long enough that it becomes second nature and finally a true lifestyle for you.
  • Do Enjoy Something Special – On special occasions, you won’t ruin everything if you enjoy a glass of dry wine, whiskey, brandy, vodka, or any low-sugar drink of your choice and a serving of at least 70% dark chocolate. Count your carbs, and you can do it at least weekly.

Eating right on the ketogenic way of life is not hard to do. If you can visually divide your plate to fit the food on it in the right quantities, that will help.