One of the benefits of the keto diet is that it improves brain health and prevents cognitive decline. While studies are still underway to confirm the findings, for the most part, the general understanding is that the keto diet is beneficial to one’s brain health.

  • How the keto diet helps?

The reason the keto diet is so powerful is because it transforms the body’s fuel usage. Most people’s bodies burn glucose for fuel. As a result, they constantly crave carbohydrates and feel lethargic and tired when their glucose levels are low.

With the keto diet, after 5 days, your body will be in ketosis. During ketosis, your body burns ketones for fuel. Ketones are your body fat that’s been transformed into acid by the liver.

It’s a cleaner fuel source and you have ample amounts of fuel. You’ll not feel tired or have brain fog, etc. because your body can always tap into the fat stores for fuel. Your diet is also rich in fat. So, there’s no shortage of fuel, unlike with glucose where you keep needing to eat at regular intervals.

  • Improves memory

Since the body functions more effectively on ketones, it prevents cognitive decline. Studies have shown that Alzheimer’s patients experience improved mental function when on the keto diet.

In fact, for centuries, fasting has been used as a method to improve one’s health. Fasting causes the body to go into ketosis because there are no carbs entering the body and glycogen levels are depleted.

Fasting mimics what the keto diet does. It’s just easier to achieve ketosis on the keto diet so that you don’t have to deal with the hunger pangs during the first few days.

If one is overweight, the keto diet will help them to shed the excess pounds in record time. No diet on the planet burns fat faster than the keto diet.

When you lose weight, your entire body functions more optimally. This is one reason why people feel better. Even those suffering from dementia feel better when they lose weight.

  • Ketones can go places glucose can’t

The human brain has difficulties when using glucose. This problem often arises because of insulin insensitivity.

Insulin insensitivity occurs when we constantly consume starchy carbs and sugars which elevate our blood sugar levels. Over time, you need more insulin to process the same amount of carbs. This keeps getting worse over time and is the leading cause of obesity.

Since the body is insulin insensitive, the glucose can’t be assimilated by the brain. The good news is that ketones can reach the brain without insulin. So, your brain has all the fuel it needs.

This is one reason why so many people are stunned by their sudden mental clarity after going on the keto diet for a few days.

  • Elimination

The keto diet eliminates most processed foods, etc. Once the sugar and harmful substances in our diets are removed, inflammation and other health problems will subside as the body heals itself.

Since the body functions synergistically, when your gut and the internal system is healthy, your brain will inevitably become healthier too.

So, the keto diet will definitely help to improve your brain health. Once you experience the increased alertness and sharpness of thought while on the diet, you’ll realize just how powerful it is.

You’ll be glad you started on your ketogenic lifestyle.